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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the L10 loaders so strong?

Built on the Case IH reputation for rugged durability, we’ve found ways to make the L10 series loaders even stronger. A chamfered and embossed arm design increases strength. Cast and forged components add even more strength at critical stress points, helping to ensure lasting reliability and a lower cost of ownership.

What is the lift capacity of the 120120r loader?

120R Loader Compatible with the 1023E, 1025R and 2025R tractors Quik-Park stands for easy attachment and removal up to 553 lb (251 kg) lift capacity

Why choose a Softride loader?

Case IH SoftRide loader suspension smooths the bumps of heavy loader work. Accumulators on L10 series loaders provide rapid oil movement and rapid response to any bumps in the road or across the field.

How many engine horsepower does a front end loader have?

Front-End Loaders for Tractors Specialty Tractors (75-155 Engine HP) Compact Tractors (22.4 - 66 Engine HP) Compact Tractor Attachments & Implements TOOLS & NEW PRODUCTS Home & Workshop Products New Products & Solutions Snow Removal Equipment

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