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Frequently Asked Questions

What gifts should be given for the 25th marriage anniversary?

Celebrate Your 25th Wedding Anniversary With Silver Silver Gift Traditions. Although the iris is representative of the 25th-anniversary flower, you can gift a rose that's both silver and symbolic. Gifts With a Silver Touch. Although silver is the highlight of a 25th anniversary, it doesn't mean that you can't go out and do "normal" date nights. Sentimental Offerings. ... Creative Presents. ...

What are some good gifts for a 25th wedding anniversary?

Traditionally, gifts for the 25th wedding anniversary normally comprise home décor and jewellery. Some people present flowers put in a silver vase; others give picture frames with pictures of the married couple. However, giving silverware is the customary gift for the 25th wedding anniversary.

What is the traditional gift for the 25th wedding anniversary?

The 25th wedding anniversary is traditionally called the Silver wedding anniversary. Silver is also the symbol and traditional gift for the 25th anniversary.

What is the best way to celebrate a 25th anniversary?

Carrying out a charitable deed. You will particularly enjoy this celebration activity if you're both given to philanthropy. ... Taking a vacation. You can never go wrong with a celebratory vacation. ... A romantic night at a hotel. ... A nostalgic trip down memory lane date. ... Staycation at home. ... Anniversary party/celebration with friends and family. ... More items...

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