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Frequently Asked Questions

When do you report an accident to the DMV?

In most states, you must report an accident to the DMV within 10 days if someone was injured or if property damage exceeded $1,000.

Do I have to report an auto accident to the DMV?

In general, you may have to report an accident to the DMV if: The property damage exceeds a specified amount. Examples: In New York, all involved drivers must make a report to the New York DMV if the property damage for any person is greater than $1,000. Someone was injured or killed in the accident.

Do insurers report accidents to the DMV?

Usually, insurers don't report accidents to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Depending on the state of residence, either you or the police are required to file a report with the DMV. In a lot of states, if you are involved in an accident, you have to send a report to the DMV, no matter who is at fault.

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