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Frequently Asked Questions

What is action for children?

At Action for Children we do our best to support young carers. We want to make sure they have happy and safe childhoods. We offer practical and emotional support to ensure they enjoy and achieve. We understand being a young carer can be very hard. We’re here to make things a little easier.

What is young carers Action Day?

Due to the absence of social security nets and government assistance, many young people have to fill the roles of carers in their families, which adversely affects their own lives and prospects. Young Carers Action Day, now observed on March 16, offers practical support and help to thousands of young carers all across the island.

What can we do for young carers?

We offer practical and emotional support to ensure young carers enjoy and achieve, just like their peers. We include parents and families in the needs assessment, and make sure they can access advice, support and signposting. This helps ease the pressure on young carers.

What problems do young carers face?

Another common problem for young carers is actually recognising themselves as young carers. It’s usually only when they reach secondary school that they realise that their home life is different from that of their friends. What support does Action for Children provide young carers?

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