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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some simple grip exercises that can improve grip strength?

Dead Hang or Flexed Hang: Hanging is the ultimate relative grip-strength exercise. Do it with arms straight or flexed. This involves total-body strength. It's also a good marker of body composition since it's your body weight that's helping or hurting you.

What are some benefits of grip strength exercises?

Current research indicates that performing a few simple grip strength exercises daily can have a significant improvement on how our hands age throughout our lives. In fact, research has shown that grip strength benefits cognitive health, physical health, and overall holistic health.

What is the best way to train for grip strength?

Just squeeze stuff (keeping your forearm and hand properly aligned) to improve your grip strength. When you squeeze something, you strengthen the inner intrinsic muscles of your hand.

What is a grip strength kit and how can it help improve grip strength?

You can purchase a grip strength kit that comes with grip rings and finger extensors. These kits are ideal for methodically improving your grip strength. There are even free grip strength classes and videos that you can watch everyday that walk you through simple 15-minute exercise routines using these devices.

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