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Why do you want to work in NYC?

10 Reasons to Love Working in NYC Maybe we're biased, but we think working (and living!) in NYC is pretty awesome. It really is the city of endless possibilities-endless cafes to take your coffee meetings at, endless people to network with, and, of course, endless happy hours to attend when the day is over.

Is there an Amazon store in NYC?

Check Out Amazon's First NYC Store, Located In The Time Warner Center. The Amazon Books store makes it the first bookstore at the Time Warner Center since the Borders Books closed in 2011 after eight years there. However, the Amazon store size is a fraction of the old Borders ( R.I.P. Borders ), which covered a sprawling 26,000 square feet,...

Is Amazon hiring in New York City?

Amazon is hiring 2,000 people in New York City as the $5 billion bidding war for its new headquarters rages. The online retail giant is hiring 2,000 more employees over the next three years at a new office in New York City. The office is part of the Manhattan West megadevelopment on the west side of Manhattan.

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