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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the duties of a bookkeeper assistant?

The Bookkeeping Assistant aid in maintaining the financial records of a company or organization. The Bookkeeping Assistant is involved in a wide range of clerical duties, including data entry, account reconciliation, balance sheet maintenance, and general financial record keeping.

How do I become a bookkeeper assistant?

Bookkeepers typically have a bachelor’s degree or higher, often in a field like business, accounting, math or economics. Some may have a master’s degree in a related area, but it’s also possible to find highly qualified candidates without a college education.

What skills are needed in order to be a successful bookkeeping assistant?

The ideal candidate will have great math skills, the ability to pay close attention to detail, and previous experience in a bookkeeping role. The key focus of the role will be to support the accounting and bookkeeping team in ensuring the books and accounts are kept up to date, in good order, and filed on time.

What is the salary range for a bookkeeping assistant job?

is approximately $36,700—or $17.65 an hour. This estimate is taken from a collection of over 9,000 salaries submitted anonymously to Indeed over the past three years. Bookkeepers tend to stay with an employer for one to three years. Salaries reported to Indeed range from minimum wage to as high as $35 per hour.

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