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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best free password manager?

The Best Password Manager Deals This Week*Keeper Security — Get 30% off Keeper Unlimited and Family PlanDashlane — Free 30-Day Premium Trial1Password — Enjoy 25% off the First Year of a 1Password Individual Account!LastPass — Free 30-Day Premium Trial

What is the best free Android password manager?

These password manager apps will free up the storage in your brain for other things!LastPass. LastPass is the most well-rounded password manager for android. ...Password Safe. Price: Free / $2.99 Password Safe is a decent free Password Manager for android. ...KeePassDroid. KeePassDroid is a basic but reliable password manager that will not cost you any money at all. ...Bitwarden. ...Dashlane. ...RoboForm. ...Keeper. ...Sticky Password. ...aWallet. ...Avira. ...More items...

What is the Best Password Manager app?

They are: aWallet Password Manager This app securely stores your passwords ... 1Password – Password Manager The popular 1Password was selected by Android Central as the best password manager for Android. It remembers all your passwords for you and ...

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