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Frequently Asked Questions

What are grip socks?

These grip socks are made with a non-slip grip and are the perfect combination of soft, warm, and flexible. . These socks are perfect for anyone who wants to add a little extra grip to their workout, whether for yoga, pilates, or any other exercise.

What are the best socks for kids?

During the warmer months, a lightweight, breathable sock is ideal for kiddos running around in the backyard or at camp. Most importantly, choose a sock that is comfortable and appropriate for the activity—nothing stops the fun faster than wet, cold, or blistered feet. All of the socks we chose for this list are machine-washable and dryer-friendly.

What is the right size of slippers for my child?

Size Range: 5 to 10 (toddler), 1 to 13 (little kids), and 4 to 6 (big kids) | Hard or soft bottom: Hard | Lining Type: Felt Thanks to the thin rubber sole and cute loafer design, these slippers can be worn in the house or outside on a cool day. The exterior is covered in suede while the interior is lined with soft and cozy faux fur.

What are non-slip socks?

Non-slip socks are a smart option for kids of all ages, from early walkers to fast-moving toddlers to active kiddos. We love that the grip dots on these non-slip socks extend from the toe to the heel, helping to prevent your kid from sliding across wooden floors or down slippery steps.

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