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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to book Cheap Flights?

According to travel professionals the best time to book cheap flight online is during mid-January to end February, April to May and during the fall from mid-September to mid-December. There is nothing as such the best day to book flights.

What are the cheapest days to book a flight?

Typically, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the cheapest days to fly with any commercial airline. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday flights are booked up with weekend travelers. Monday is considered the heaviest day of business travelers.

What airlines are offering cheap flights?

Two upstart low-cost airlines in the U.S. are offering tickets at rock-bottom prices: Avelo Airlines and Breeze Airways. Launching in April with a base in Burbank, California, budget carrier Avelo's introductory fares were initially as low as $19 one-way.

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