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Frequently Asked Questions

Who wins between boxing vs MMA?

Originally Answered: Who wins between boxing and MMA? It depends. A strictly traditional boxer going into an MMA match with MMA rules (lets say UFC) will lose against a competent MMA fighter who won’t be dumb enough to out box the boxer. If the roles were reversed in a Boxing Ring with boxing rules, a competent boxer will win.

Is boxing a good hobby?

If you are planning to take up boxing as a hobby, you are in for more than you bargained for, in a positive way. Boxing is not just a sport that can be demanding; you also have the advantage of extensive psychological and physical benefits.

What is the best sanctioning body in boxing?

What is the best boxing sanctioning body? World Boxing Association (WBA), once known as the National Boxing Association (NBA), is the oldest and one of four top boxing organizations which sanction professional boxing matches, alongside the World Boxing Council (WBC), International Boxing Federation (IBF) and World Boxing Organization (WBO).

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