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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make money selling bumper stickers?

You can make money by placing bumper stickers on your vehicle for brands. Or if you want to market your own brand or website you could have bumper stickers made for others to share on their vehicles to promote your brand or message. If you didn’t want to use bumper stickers maybe you could sell your feet pictures instead to make money.

Do bumper stickers ruin your car?

When dust and dirt build-up between your bumper and the magnet, the sticker is more likely to get damaged and fall. In addition to this, the dust and dirt may cause the paint to get damaged. When it is raining outside, you should remove the labels, and you should never leave a wet sticker on the auto.

Can I create my own stickers?

You can design your own stickers from scratch (by drawing them), design your own stickers by combining clip art pieces into a sticker design, or you can buy already made stickers and print them to sell. Design your own. Designing your own stickers will take some time and, if you don't already have the drawing skills, lots of patience!

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