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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sticker machine?

The machines are promoted as adding adhesive “edge-to-edge” on the item and replace the need for liquid glue, glue dots or glue sticks. Many machines have the option to use permanent adhesive or repositionable adhesive that lets you adjust the sticker before the adhesive sets. The adhesives are usually not waterproof.

How do I create the perfect bumper sticker maker?

Its easy to create the perfect bumper sticker maker with our online design tool! Use one of the following options to get started. Learn how easy it is to design a custom sticker on! With our online tool, you can upload images, personalize text, add clipart, and even generate a QR Code.

What is the best Xyron sticker machine?

Xyron produces several inexpensive, easy-to-use machines. The XRN 500 makes stickers or labels up to 5 inches wide and 1/16 inch thick. It can make them out of paper, photographs, ribbon, vinyl, and numerous other materials. This model is portable, light-weight (just over 1 pound) and easy to use.

How much does a sticker maker cost?

TOP-5 Sticker Makers Below, you will find products within the price range from $7 to $200. There is a feature-packed machine capable to print even personalized home decors and simpler and cheaper options where you design and produce stickers yourself.

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