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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a busser and a waiter?

Busboy is a see also of busser. Busser is a related term of busboy. As nouns the difference between busser and busboy. is that busser is assistant waiter; one who busses while busboy is assistant waiter; one who clears plates from and cleans tables; one who buses.

What does a busser do at a restaurant?

Bussers are restaurant staffers who are responsible for discretely clearing away the empty plates and dishes from tables during the course of a patron's meal. They are responsible for being unobtrusive in the way they approach diners, so as to not interrupt the meal.

What does Busser in jobs mean?

A busser (also known as a "busboy" or "busgirl") is an entry-level position in the restaurant industry. Bussers work with kitchen and waitstaff to keep the tables clean and ready for the next customers. Other busser responsibilities include: Clearing plates, glasses, napkins and used silverware from tables

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