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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Canada have a pension plan like Social Security?

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) In Canada, the CPP is most similar to social security. In accordance with the World Bank Pillar system, CPP is the Pillar administered by the government. It comprises one portion of the Pillar 1 system and is based on the employment/employer contributions similar to U.S. social security. The Pillar 1 also includes:

How much Canada Pension will I get?

Your payment amount is based on the number of years in Canada divided by 40. You can delay your first payment up to 5 years to get a higher amount. If you lived in Canada for 20 years after age 18, you would receive a payment equal to 20 divided by 40, or 50%, of the full Old Age Security pension.

Can I collect Canada Pension?

To be eligible to receive payments from the Canada Pension Plan/ Quebec Pension Plan, you must meet all of the following criteria: You must be at least one month past your 59th birthday. You must have worked in Canada for a period of time and have made at least one qualifying contribution to the CPP/QPP.

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