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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for a visit visa in Canada?

You must:have a valid travel document, like a passportbe in good healthhave no criminal or immigration-related convictionsconvince an immigration officer that you have ties—such as a job, home, financial assets or family—that will take you back to your home countryconvince an immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your visitMore items...

Does Canada give 10 years visitors visa?

These visas allow qualified visitors to enter and exit Canada for six months at a time for up to 10 years, and were originally introduced in 2011. Temporary Resident Visas were originally intended to assist business visitors and tourists in order to grow Canadian economy.

What is the visitor visa procedure for Canada?

Canada tourist visa application process. The first step in Canada visitor visa application is to create a Government of Canada (GC) login called GCKey. Once you have created your GCKey and signed in, you can start your visitor visa application. You can save an incomplete application and come back later to complete it.

Can someone visit Canada with an US visa?

US citizens and dual nationals of US and Canada are allowed to enter with just their valid US passports. Permanent citizens living in America lawfully need an ETA or Electronic Travel Authorization. They must also present their Green Card and a valid passport.

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