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Frequently Asked Questions

How can therapists help with anger management?

Therapists use this intervention to help clients more easily recognize when they’re becoming angry and develop strategies for expressing this powerful emotion in an appropriate way that will benefit them rather than create additional problems.

What is the centre for clinical interventions?

The Centre for Clinical Interventions is a specialised clinical psychology service. We develop and provide evidence based psychological treatment. We conduct clinically applied psychological research. We train health professionals to deliver effective psychological treatment.

Is there a treatment manual for anger control in school?

Although excellent treatment manuals are available in the area of child and adolescent anger control (Feindler and Ecton 1986; Lochman et al. 2008), most are written in a group therapy format for use in school or inpatient settings. Our manual has been structured for providing CBT during individual outpatient psychotherapy.

What are the components of cognitive-behavioral approaches to anger management?

Various cognitive-behavioral approaches place relative emphasis on at least one of three content areas: Regulation of excessive anger, learning social problem-solving strategies, and/or developing social skills alternative to aggressive behaviors.

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