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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chevrolet a good car?

Yes, it’s a good car. It still ranks at the bottom of the cars in its class, because the other cars offer more, and the because the Cruze doesn’t excel at any one thing other than engine performance. Other cars in its class offer much more, depending on what attributes and features interest you.

Are Chevrolets good cars?

Chevrolet produce good quality cars , they're reliable, safe and efficient. According to JD Power survey, Chevrolet have been well ahead of the industry average and in the top ten reliable makers for the last five years.

Are Chevrolet and GMC the same?

The trucks and SUVs made by Chevrolet and GMC are almost identical. GMC vehicles, however, cost more than Chevrolet vehicles because General Motors markets GMC vehicles as more professional and upscale. The two different brands use the same engines, parts and other materials but may have slightly different styling cues or trims.

What was the first Chevrolet car ever made?

The first sport utility vehicle ever made was the Chevrolet Suburban, which was introduced in 1935. As of 2015, the Chevrolet Suburban is also the world's oldest automobile nameplate that is still being produced.

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