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Frequently Asked Questions

What does clinical means?

clinical(Adjective) of or pertaining to a medical clinic or facility. clinical(Adjective) dealing with how to practically manage patients, contrasting with pre-health sciences. clinical(Adjective) done in a cool, emotionless fashion.

What is clinical definition?

The definition of clinical is something related to treating the sick or something scientific, overly clean or impersonal. An example of clinical is a trial that is done in a hospital.

What is a clinical job?

If you take care of patients or supply direct patient care of any type, in which particular case your job is considered as “clinical.” Clinical psychologists assess, diagnose and treat clients with mental health and substance abuse problems in a clinical setting.

What is clinical approach?

clinical approach. This term refers to the style or technique the treating professional applies to the disorder, problem, case, family or individual.

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