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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the active codes for project Slayers?

The active codes for Project Slayers for the month of August are: Miniupdate3 - Redeem this code in the game to get 30 Clan Spins, six Demon Art Spins, and one Daily Spin (New) Miniupdate3breathingreset - Redeem this code in the game to get Breathing Reset (New) MiniUpdate3racereset - Redeem this code in the game to get Race Reset (New)

Is project Slayers a Roblox hit?

The game's got great fighting mechanics and lots of ways to play with your friends. Roll for clans, level up your character, complete mission and questions, and become the ultimate slayer. Project Slayers is going to be a Roblox hit. We checked for new codes on December 2022. All working Project Slayers codes in December 2022. 350Kupvotes!

How do I redeem codes in project Slayers?

Redeeming codes in Project Slayers is easy to earn some free rewards. Launch Project Slayers, pick your character, and then press Play. Press the Book icon in the center of your menu. A new screen will pop up, look to the bottom to find the codes box. Enter your code and press Submit Code to get your rewards.

Is there any update on project Slayers?

The game has been in development since 2020 and has finally been released! Check out Project Slayers clan guide here, how to turn into a Demon guide, and how to carry in the game. Other than fixing anti-cheat to keep the game clear of cheaters, there haven't been any updates so far this week.

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