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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Check my Comcast Speed?

Open your Web browser and navigate to the CNET bandwidth meter. Enter your area code, connection type and Internet service provider in the box in the upper-left corner. Click the "GO" button to start the test. View the connection speed in the graph provided. Compare your results to Comcast's advertised speed.

What is the average internet speed for Comcast?

Comcast has several different packages with standard speed rates ranging from about 10 Mbps for the most economical to the highest-performing 2,000 Mbps. All of the plans deliver enough internet oomph for web and streaming video, though hardcore gamers and multi-user households will want Comcast’s higher-performing services.

What can an internet speed test tell you?

Taking an internet speed test (specifically at home) puts a real number to what your online connection experience is when you visit ESPN, YouTube or any other graphic-heavy site you visit. "An internet speed test tells you how fast your connection is moving on the internet as you request information on websites, watch videos, send emails and more."

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