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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the most reliable internet speed test?

Based on extensive measurements, OOKLA (once configured correctly, as will be explained) provides consistent and relatively accurate results. OOKLA claims to be “the world’s most popular Internet speed test” with over 5 million tests per day.

How do you test internet speed free?

Go to a search engine and type "speed test.". Click on one of the top results that take you to a free internet speed test utility. Click "Go" or whatever button or link in the utility begins the speed test. Note your internet speed, which is given in megabits or kilobits per second.

How fast is my internet tester?

Type in "internet speed test.". You'll be greeted with the following: The test is run by Google in partnership with Measurement Lab (M-Lab), and takes about 30 seconds. The test can measure speeds up to 700Mbps, and if you have a connection faster than that your results could be lower than your actual connection.

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