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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are my contacts in Windows 10?

- Microsoft Support Where are my contacts in Windows 10? Use the People app to see all your contacts in one place, listed alphabetically. To open the app, select the Start button, and then select People. Enter your account info if you’re asked to sign in.

How do I get contacts listed in Windows Live Mail?

You may get the contacts listed if you have configured the account a Imap type as Imap account synched the data between the server and Mail app. The other way is to access Windows live mail contacts and export them into .Csv format and import them into Mail app. Let us know if you need further assistance. We will be glad to help you further.

How to suggest contacts in mail for Windows 10?

If you know the contact's name or email address, you can start typing the first few letters of their name or email address and Mail for Windows 10 will suggest matching contacts. Note: You can't remove contacts from the list of suggested contacts. Choose a contact to add their email address to the To line of your email.

How to export contacts to Windows 10?

The first method involves Apple’s iCloud service, which is the better option if you need to export more than one contact. The second method relies on email. You don’t need a specific email client—Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Outlook, and so on, all work just fine. We’ll show you how to retrieve and download contacts via the Windows 10 Mail app.

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