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Frequently Asked Questions

How to convert orphaned Ost file to pst file?

Step 1: Create new PST file in Outlook. Step 2: Move data from OST to PST file manually. How to convert orphaned OST file to PST format . (OST file disconnected from Outlook) Automatic OST to PST conversion. Say that you have OST file (the file with . OST extension) in your Outlook configured as Exchange Server email account.

How to open pst file in outlook?

Enjoy your new PST file! To open your PST file go to Outlook, click File > Open & Export > Open Outlook Data File, specify the location and PST file name and click Open. How to move OST file to another computer?

How to export Ost mailboxes to PST?

Login to Outlook with the Exchange account that was used to create the OST files. And to export the OST mailboxes to PST, follow the simple procedure as given here: Go to Files >Open & Export and click Import & Export. Select Export to a file; then click Next. Select the second option—Outlook Data File (.pst)—and click Next.

What are ost files?

OST files are the replica of your Exchange mailbox on your local computer. When you are working in offline mode, Outlook uses OST files to store data. However, sometimes these files can become corrupt or unusable. In this case, you need to convert them into PST files so that you can continue using them.

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