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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cossid moth classified as?

The Cossidae (cossid millers, goat moths, cossid moths) is a global family of mainly large moths with around 700 named species. The often large caterpillars of this family are usually wood-borers, but sometimes feed under bark, externally on roots and sometimes in the stems of non-woody plants such as cactus.

What is a giant wood moth?

Giant wood moth of the carpenter millers or cossid millers family is a native of Australia and New Zealand. They have a reputation of boring into the wood of eucalyptus trees, hence the name. In Australia, most larvae of the wood-eating moths are known as witchety grub because of their worm-like appearance, and this one is no exception.

What are cossid wood-borers?

Cossid wood-borers burrow deep into trunks and stems, pushing frass and debris to the outside. They pupate in the tunnel, with the pupal shell extruding from the burrow once the moth emerges. The caterpillars of one of the biggest Australian species, Endoxyla leucomochla, are commonly known as witchetty or witjuti grubs.

How long do wood moths live?

There are about 60 species of wood moths in Australia of the family Cossidae, the largest having a wingspan of more than 25cm. The life cycle of the 'witchety moth' is rather interesting with the grub living for up to two years before becoming a moth which will live just a few days. This one will only live for a day or two more.

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