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Frequently Asked Questions

Is counseling and therapist the same thing?

Counselor/Therapist—The words “counselor” and “therapist” often mean the same thing. Counselors/therapists are practitioners who have earned a 4-year undergraduate degree and a master’s degree in psychology or counseling.

Do you need to go to a counselor?

You should see a counselor for individual therapy, family therapy, or couples therapy if you need advice support or guidance related to mental health issues, substance abuse and addiction issues, or if you need general life advice from a licensed professional. There doesn't have to be an issue to establish a counseling relationship.

What do I need for counseling?

Requirements vary by state, but generally include: A graduate degree in psychology from an accredited institution. Students should seek regionally accredited schools and APA-accredited psychology programs. ... An internship or practicum of supervised clinical experience. ... Passing the required exam. ...

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