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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with a customer journey canvas?

It provides you and your customer service team with action points for your customer service teams in different stages of the customer journey. With a Customer Journey Canvas, you’ll make sure that your customers get what they need during every stage of their journey. Customer needs: what are the basic needs of your customer at every stage?

How do I create a customer journey?

Go to Marketing > Marketing Execution > Customer Journeys. This takes you to a list of existing customer journeys. Select New on the command bar. The New Customer Journey page opens with the Select a Customer Journey Template dialog box shown. Each template provides a starting point for designing a particular type of customer journey.

Are there any customer journey map templates available in PDF format?

Click to download free high-quality printable pdf’s of the Business Model Canvas. A few people have asked for a regular customer journey map templates in pdf format that they can use. I’ve included these below. Click to download free high-quality printable pdf’s of the Business Model Canvas.

Why is customer journey design important?

It is your job, as a designer, to understand the moments when customers engage so that you can design better experiences for them in the future. This tool helps in looking at your products and services through the lens of the customers. Of course, no customer journey is totally complete or made without assumptions.

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