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Frequently Asked Questions

What is customers bank?

Customers Bank was established on June 26, 1997. Headquartered in Phoenixville, PA, it has assets in the amount of $7,593,249,000. Its customers are served from 13 locations. Deposits in Customers Bank are insured by FDIC. No feedback yet.

How many branches does customers bank have?

Customers Bank currently operates with 13 branches located in 3 states. The bank has most branches in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. Customers Bank is the 57th largest bank in Pennsylvania with 11 branches; 95th in New Jersey with 1 branches and 181st in New York with 1 branches.

How can customers bank help your business?

Get your business to the next level with a flexible financing solution from Customers Bank. Take advantage of our specialized banking expertise in a range of industries. We get you further, faster. We provide every customer with a single point of contact. A dedicated team member who’s committed to meeting your needs today and tomorrow.

Is customers bank responsible for products or services offered on this third party site?

Aside from what is presented specifically on our pages, we do not accept responsibility for products or services offered on this third party’s site nor does Customers Bank necessarily support or condone any opinions or comments expressed or shared on this third party site that are not explicitly our own.

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