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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the pons is damaged?

if pons is damaged: Damage to the pons will result in a range of effects on sleep. For example, damage to certain parts of the pons can put a person into a semi-permanent sleep-like state. Research with animals has also shown that damage to the pons can cause an animal to sleep much less than prior to the damage.

What does the Pons do brain?

The pons is a structure of the brain that is vital to the autonomic, sensory, and motor functions of the human body. Along with the medulla oblongata and midbrain, it comprises one of the most important nervous system structures, the midbrain – the point through which all transmissions of the central and peripheral nervous systems pass.

What is the function of Pons?

The pons relays sensory information between the cerebrum and cerebellum. Functions under the control of the cerebellum include fine motor coordination and control, balance, equilibrium, muscle tone, fine motor coordination, and a sense of body position.

What is a pontine stroke?

A pontine stroke is essentially a stroke within the brainstem due to a hemorrhage, or bleeding of the blood vessels in this portion of the brain. This type of stroke is linked more to hypertension, or high blood pressure, than to anything else. However, simply being hypertensive doesn't mean you'll necessarily have a pontine stroke.

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