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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between editorial and an op-ed?

Moreover, the layout of the page is another difference that an editorial and Op-Ed have. Again, because of the content and the length of the article, the layout of the Op-Ed is much fuller than the layout of the editorial, who has a much more reduced and summarized layout.

What is the difference between an editorial and a news story?

News stories are the most basic form of journalism -- reporting that conveys the essence of an issue or event from as many perspectives as possible. A news story might contain the opinion of the sources through quotes, but it does not include the opinions of the writer. Editorials reflect the consensus view of the paper's editorial board.

What does editorial mean?

What is an editorial? An editorial is a short essay that shares an individual's opinion on a current event or social issue. The goal of a good editorial is to persuade the reader to consider your perspective and change their opinion. Editorials often focus on controversial issues with widely different viewpoints.

What are the functions of editorial?

its main function is to give analysis effects and background details of only tell us what is happening around us while editorial tell us detail about news. now a days this page is not written only by editor but many writers partcipate in this gives variety of writings and function depends on its writing type...

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