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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a funeral program?

What is a Funeral Program? The funeral program (sometimes called a funeral obituary program, funeral brochure, funeral pamphlet or funeral order of service) is the printed program that is given out at funeral services or memorial services that outlines the funeral or memorial service and summarizes the life achievements of your loved one.

How do I send a funeral program?

Funeral programs and memorial programs can also be sent electronically, through email or posted to social media. Funeral programs can also be mailed to those who cannot attend the funeral service.

What is an all-inclusive funeral service?

ALL-INCLUSIVE SERVICE - DESIGN & PRINT. When a loved one is lost, we want to do everything we can to plan a funeral service that not only celebrates the life they lived, but also helps others to remember the warmth and happiness they brought into the world.

What is the difference between a newspaper obituary and a funeral program?

While a newspaper obituary might be short and focused on survivors and funeral service information, the obituary in the funeral program can be longer and tell a more detailed story. It is the centerpiece of the funeral program, which can serve as a very informative keepsake about a person’s life and also about the final services.

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