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Frequently Asked Questions

How can one view the deltanet extranet landing page?

How Can One View the DeltaNet Extranet Landing Page? The DeltaNet Extranet landing page at consists of a login form for authorized users, a hyperlink to critical applications and a travel guide for consumers. There is also information on business partners and access to Delta Airline Travel Agency’s social media networks.

How to clear cache on Delta Air Lines extranet?

Deltanet Extranet - Delta Air Lines Extranet landing page opens when the docking station/on the Network - Clear cache: Click the "Start" button. Click "Control Panel". Double-click the "Internet Options" icon. Click "Delete" button in the middle of the Internet Options window. Uncheck “Preserve Favorites Website Data” at … Visit site Delta Log In

How do I recover a forgotten Delta extranet password?

To receive access to the Extranet as a Delta employee, contact the human resources office for a PIN code. This number allows employees to register for access to the Extranet. Users of other systems such as TravelNet may use those credentials to log onto the Extranet. To recover a forgotten Delta Extranet password, enter the user ID and answer ...

What is the policy on unauthorized access to Delta passport?

Unauthorized access is strictly prohibited by law, and requires a unique Delta Passport ID and password. The website collects information on visits from all traffic, including the previous website browsed before, as contained in the stated privacy policy.

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