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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Drake portals?

Drake Portals provides your practice a secure website on the domain where you and your clients can exchange confidential documents safely and conveniently. Spend less time printing, faxing, emailing and mailing returns and other documents. Just upload PDFs, and let your clients access at their convenience.

How do I upload W-2s to Drake portals?

Get files from your client – Your client can upload W-2s and other tax documents to your Drake Portals site. Send files to your client – You can upload your client’s finished tax return and other documents. Your client can sign in and download whenever it’s convenient, from any computer with Internet access.

How do I upload a PDF file to Drake portals?

Enter your Drake Portals Username and Password and click Login. Locate and select the taxpayer and folder that contains the file that you want to upload. The file will be displayed in the upper right window. In this example, a 2020 PDF is available for upload for taxpayer "Coffee Beans."

How do I create a client account in Drake documents?

This can also be done within Drake Documents by selecting the client from the tree on the left, then selecting "Search" to find an existing client account, or "Create" to create a new client account. If you create the folder, include the client's email address.

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