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Frequently Asked Questions

Is banjo similar to guitar?

Playing the banjo might look easy, however, it takes a lot of work in the beginning. Perseverance and patience are truly needed! If you play the guitar you have a good advantage with your left hand. Banjo chords are similar and simpler than the guitar.

What are the chords for banjo?

The vertical lines on a banjo chord diagram represent the 4th through the 1st strings of your banjo, moving from left to right — as if you were looking down on the fingerboard of your instrument from above. The horizontal lines are the frets on your banjo, with the top line corresponding to the banjo nut.

What is a banjo chord?

Chords. On a stringed instrument such as a banjo (or guitar or ukulele), you make the notes by pressing the strings down behind the frets, to ‘shorten’ the string and make the sound higher. A chord is just a set of notes played together to make a certain sound; each chord has a name - G, D7, (D7th) Em (E minor) etc.

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