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Frequently Asked Questions

What point of the Earth is closest to the Moon?

The Moon's orbit around Earth is elliptical. The point of the orbit closest to Earth is called perigee, while the point farthest from Earth is known as apogee.

What point on Earth is farthest from the North Pole?

proper noun The North Pole is the place on the surface of the earth which is farthest towards the north. the northernmost point on the earth's axis, at a latitude of 90°N the point of intersection of the earth's extended axis and the northern half of the celestial sphere, lying about 1° from Polaris

Which is the lowest point on the Earth?

Lowest Point on Earth. The lowest point on land is the Dead Sea that borders Israel, the West Bank and Jordan. It’s 420 meters below sea level. The Dead Sea sits on top of the Dead Sea Rift, a tectonic fault line between the Arabian and the African plates.

Which way does Earths axis point?

The North Pole, also known as the Geographic North Pole or Terrestrial North Pole, is the point in the Northern Hemisphere where Earth's axis of rotation meets its surface. This point is distinct from Earth's North Magnetic Pole. The South Pole is the other point where Earth's axis of rotation intersects its surface, in Antarctica.

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