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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create an EarthLink web mail?

Visit the My Account page on the Earthlink website (see Resources) and sign in to your account. Enter your email address or Earthlink ID and password into the corresponding fields. Click "Sign In." Click "Add a new email profile" under the Email Profiles section. Complete the required information to create a new email account.

Is EarthLink blocking your emails?

Earthlink blocks our servers from sending you emails. When this happens, we discontinue sending any future emails (This is step is necessary so that we do not get flagged by internet server providers as an email spammer) and automatically remove the fax number associated with the account.

How to configure outlook for Earthlink email?

You will need the server settings for your e-mail address, click here to get these settings. Open Microsoft Outlook. Choose E-Mail Accounts from the Tools menu. Select Add a new e-mail account. Click the Next button. Select POP3. Click the Next button. In the Your Name field type your name. More items...

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