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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EarthLink?

EarthLink is a leading Internet Service Provider offering safer, reliable, high-speed internet. Find the right Internet service for you. Call 866-383-3080 now to order

How do I order EarthLink?

Call to Order EarthLink 844-334-9182 Award-Winning Internet Service That’s Designed for You EarthLink HyperLink: The Right Connection

Why is earthearthlink asking me to update my Password?

EarthLink will be asking customers to update their passwords as an added security measure. To update your password today, log into My Account, select your email profile and click the edit option next to password. Domain: computer.

Why earthearthlink cell phones?

EarthLink offers a variety of cell phones and plans to help keep you connected—without all the hassle—on one of America’s largest and fastest networks. Today, we use the internet for everything: work, fun, school, keeping in touch with our families. And that means the best home internet is fast, reliable, and keeps you connected.

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