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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Eau stand for?

Acronym Definition EAU European Association of Urology EAU Emergency Assessment Unit (healthcare) EAU Eurasian Union EAU Environment and Urbanization (Sage publication) EAU European Association of Universities (est. 2001)

What is eau20?

About the congress. In 2020 the Annual EAU Congress is coming to Amsterdam. EAU20 will provide a forum for presenting original unpublished data, sharing ideas for urological innovation, as well as disseminating evidence-based knowledge of primary clinical relevance.

What is the EAU Congress?

Welcome to the virtual 36th Annual EAU Congress where front-level research and notable developments are featured, and key opinion leaders convene to share their expertise. Expect nothing but the best in urological findings in innovations. The congress is also the event to expand your network and connect virtually with peers from around the world.

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