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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a medieval banquet?

Medieval Banquets. Blackfriars Medieval Banquets offer an authentic experience of medieval life and are also lots of fun! The evenings follow many years of research involving the city archaeologists, the UK’s foremost food historians, various ancient manuscripts and help from Durham University’s Institute of Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

Why choose our medieval banquet in Argyll?

Our Medieval Banquet in The Argyll Hotel is ideal for an unforgettable birthday party, hen night, stag do or Christmas party. We will bring you entertainment and of course you will be expected to be at the call of the King at all times! What surprises may this bring?

What can I do at Eckington manor?

Your time at Eckington Manor can be spent exactly as you please, brushing up on your cookery skills, relaxing in our luxurious bedrooms, sampling some of the delicious foods on offer or simply soaking up the countryside air. Whatever your wish, our friendly team will ensure that you have a wonderful and memorable time here.

What do you eat in a banquet hall?

They take place in the candle-lit Banquet Hall where you might feast on pottage and pies, smoked fish, roast meats, cheese and pastries washed down with flagons of ale and fine wine served by our esteemed friars and town wenches.

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