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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I export my saved passwords?

In the Passwords and forms section, click Manage passwords. Click the More actions menu (the three dots at the top of the list of saved passwords) and select Export. Click Export Passwords and you can save your passwords in a CSV file ready to import into the application of your choice.

How do I import passwords from IE to edge?

Import Internet Explorer passwords to Edge. If Edge refuses to open, you can consider resetting Edge browser. Step 2: Click the Hub icon (refer to the picture below), and then click Settings. Step 3: Under Import favorites and other info section, click Import from another browser button. And if you are not getting Import from another browser button,...

Where are the passwords stored in edge?

As passwords saved in both Edge and Internet Explorer are stored in Credential Manager, the tool recognizes Edge browser as Internet Explorer. The WebBrowserPassView supports exporting passwords saved in the Edge browser to text file (.txt), HTML, CSV, or XML file types.

How do I export Firefox passwords?

To export saved passwords in Firefox to a file, do the following. Visit the following link using Firefox: Password Exporter. Click "Add to Firefox". Confirm the installation request. Restart Firefox when prompted. The add-on adds a new button Import/Export Passwords to Preferences - Security.

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