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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Change my Password on Microsoft Edge?

To enable this, open Microsoft Edge, click on More actions (three dots at the top right corner) and select “Settings” from the options. Scroll down and click on “View Advanced Settings.” Scroll down to the “Privacy and Services” section. Below that toggle the “offer to save passwords” switch to “On”.

How do I sync passwords on Microsoft Edge?

To sync your password you may follow the steps below: Open your Edge browser. Click the (...) on the right side of the browser and then go to Settings. Click View advanced settings. Under Privacy and services turn on Offer to save password.

Does Microsoft Edge Sync passwords?

Microsoft Edge will allow users to sync passwords, bookmarks and more. During a recent Twitter Q&A session, Microsoft confirmed that Edge will come with the ability to sync passwords, tabs, bookmarks and more. Unfortunately, the company didn’t say when it will come, but said it’s inbound in a future update.

How do I sync favorites in Microsoft Edge?

To start syncing your Favorites in Microsoft Edge, open Start > Settings > Accounts > Sync your settings. Toggle on Sync settings and Internet Explorer settings. You read that right—even though we are talking about Edge, it uses the same sync setting as Internet Explorer. You can also enable this from within Microsoft Edge.

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