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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you configure EditorConfig in Visual Studio?

Create your EditorConfig in VisualStudio 2022 Go to Tools -> Options -> Text Editor -> C# Visual Studio gives you an example of how your code will show in real-time. Also, you can configure the severity of each rule. One feature cool is the Naming.

What are the benefits of using EditorConfig?

Using an EditorConfig file within your project or codebase allows you to set your coding style, preferences, and warnings for your project. Because the file is part of your codebase, it makes it easier for all users to adhere to the coding practices of a project, regardless of the IDE or code editor that they use.

What are code style options in Visual Studio?

Coding standards may include: Universal File configuration: indentation style, line width, line ending, indentation size. Programming languages-based configuration: block style, comment style, method naming, class naming. Create your EditorConfig in VisualStudio 2022

How do you generate an editorconfig file from settings?

This options page is available at Tools > Options > Text Editor > [ C# or Visual Basic] > Code Style > General. Click Generate .editorconfig file from settings to automatically generate a coding style .editorconfig file based on the settings on this Options page.

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