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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is editorial journalism?

Editorial journalism is at its most persuasive during elections, when newspapers traditionally declare support for candidates and political parties. Despite the potential of editorial opinions to influence democratic debate, and controversy over the way newspapers and their proprietors use editorials to intervene in politics, editorial ...

What is an editorial article definition?

• Editorial is a special article that appears in a newspaper and carries the opinions of the editorial board on the issue discussed. • The editorial staff decides the events and issues that need opinions of the editorial staff. • An editorial is meant to persuade people to think along the lines of the newspaper.

What does editorial mean?

What is an editorial? An editorial is a short essay that shares an individual's opinion on a current event or social issue. The goal of a good editorial is to persuade the reader to consider your perspective and change their opinion. Editorials often focus on controversial issues with widely different viewpoints.

What is editorial style?

An editorial style guide, also referred to as a writing style guide or content style guide, documents important rules and guiding principles to ensure that a company’s communications are consistent, on-brand, and grammatically correct. A style guide is an essential reference tool that addresses content creation across all mediums and channels, from websites and videos to mobile apps and print collateral.

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