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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use equal?

How to Use "Equal" with Example Sentences. " Their test scores are equal. ". " We need to make the groups equal. ". " We hope their abilities will become equal by the end of the year. ". " The two sides should be exactly equal. ".

What does greater than or equal to mean?

The 'greater than or equal to' sign tells that the amount is either more than or equal to the minimum limit whereas the 'less than or equal to' sign is just opposite of greater than and equal to. Less than or equal to means, the amount is equal or less than the maximum limit.

What is greater than or equal to?

The “greater than or equal to” is a comparison or logical operator that helps compare two data cells of the same data type. It is denoted by the symbol “>=” and returns the following values: “True,” if the first value is either greater than or equal to the second value

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