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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of ersatz?

Define ersatz. ersatz synonyms, ersatz pronunciation, ersatz translation, English dictionary definition of ersatz. adj. 1. Being a usually inferior imitation or substitute; artificial: ersatz coffee made of chicory. 2. Not genuine; fake: "Popularity was an intoxicant .....

When did the word ersatz become popular?

By the time World War II came around, bringing with it a resurgence of the word along with more substitute products, ersatz was wholly entrenched in the language. Today, ersatz can be applied to almost anything that seems like an artificial imitation: "Even when those marketplaces did succeed, the fun always felt a little ersatz."

Do we have an ersatz currency?

We have an ersatz currency whose volatility is enhanced by its non-identifiable character. This is unfair competition, with this ersatz, pseudo-chocolate being sold cheaper than pure chocolate manufactured by craftsmen with proper respect for authenticity, ethics and tradition.

What is the meaning of erzatz?

er·​satz | ˈer-ˌsäts , -ˌzäts; er-ˈzäts, -ˈsäts; ˈər-ˌsats . : being a usually artificial and inferior substitute or imitation ersatz turf ersatz intellectuals.

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