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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Eternity stand for?

eternity (n.) late 14c., “quality of being eternal,” from Old French eternité “eternity, perpetuity” (12c.), from Latin aeternitatem (nominative aeternitas), from aeternus “enduring, permanent,” contraction of aeviternus “of great age,” from aevum “age” (from PIE root *aiw- “vital force, life; long life, eternity”). What does Olam stand for?

What is the difference between eternity and Infinity?

• Eternity is a concept that is temporal in nature and applies to things that are timeless. • Infinity is a concept that applies to things that cannot be counted or measured. • Religion and philosophy make heavy use of the concept of eternity whereas infinity is used more often in math and physics.

How would you describe "eternity" to someone?

Eternity is anything that exists outside of “time.”. @RealEyesRealizeRealLies: The average person in today’s high-tech society will process in one day the same amount of information the average person in Elizabethan times would process in a lifetime. Strauss ( 22551) “Great Answer” ( 1 ) Flag as… ¶. @Yetanotheruser.

Did God create Eternity?

GOD MADE US AND SET ETERNITY IN OUR HEARTS Ecclesiastes 3:11 “He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yetno one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.”

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