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Frequently Asked Questions

What is evidence-based policymaking?

Evidence-based policymaking uses the best available research and information on program results to guide decisions at all stages of the policy process and in each branch of government.

What is the evidence-informed policy network?

The Evidence-informed Policy Network (EVIPNet) is a global initiative embracing cutting-edge approaches to knowledge translation for better health policy-making.

What are the implications of evidence-based approaches?

Evidence-based approaches are prominent on the national and international agendas for health policy and health research. It is unclear what the implications of this approach are for the production and distribution of health in populations, given the notion of multiple determinants in health. It is e …

Is the OECD evidence-based?

The OECD as an organisation has evidence-based policy making as a core part of its genetic fabricand has built a stock of knowledge for policy makers to draw on across a wide range of policy areas.

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