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Frequently Asked Questions

What are evidence based public health strategies?

Evidence-based public health practice is the development, implementation, and evaluation of effective programs and policies in public health through application of principles of scientific reasoning, including

Why is evidence based health care important?

Why Is Evidence Based Practice Important To Patient Care? EBP is important in that it provides the most effective medical treatment available while enhancing outcomes for patients. The ER plays a significant role in promoting the use of finite health resources that are allocated wisely, and that relevant evidence is considered before spending ...

What is good evidence for policy?

“good” evidence for health policy as a question of appropriateness. Rather than adhering to a single hierarchy of evidence to judge what constitutes “good” evidence for policy, it is more useful to examine evidence through the lens of appropriateness. The form of evidence, the determination of relevant categories and variables, and the

What does evidence-based policy mean?

Evidence-based policy is an idea in public policy proposing that policy decisions should be based on, or informed by, rigorously established objective evidence. The implied contrast is with policymaking based on ideology, 'common sense,' anecdotes, and intuitions. It is the government equivalent of the effective altruism movement.

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