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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the context of Public Policy in the Philippines?

The Philippine Context of Public Policy and Policy-Making. I. Introduction to Public Policy. Public policy is a government action to achieve a certain goal in addressing. social problem that are of major public interest. Such policies are oriented to solve.

What is the Philippine policy-making process?

The Philippine policy-making process can be viewed in a legislative and executive perspective (Trillanes, 2017). Cochran (1999), stated that it is divided it into two stages, pre-policy stages and policy stages. The pre- formation. On the other hand, the policy stages are listed as follows: policy adoption,

What are the problems of local government in the Philippines?

Issues such as identity crises were revisited, as well as in specific problems in Government Owned and Controlled Corporations. Finally, the nature and state of local government of the Philippines were elucidated.

What are the policies of the Philippines towards gender equality?

The following are list of policies the Philippines has towards gender equality approach: a. Domestic lioncel: Anti-violence against Women and their Children Act (ARREAR) (2004) Anti-Rape: Anti-Rape Law (1997), which amended the Revised Penal Code Anti-Marital Rape: Anti-Rape Law (1997) Anti-Sexual Harassment: Anti-Sexual Harassment Act (2007) e.

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