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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the adjective for export?

adjective of or relating to the exportation of goods or to exportable goods: export duties. produced for export: an export beer.

What is the difference between exportable and non-exportable keys?

Non-exportable: The policy used to create the certificate indicates the key is non-exportable. In this case, the private key isn't part of the value when it's retrieved as a secret. Supported keytypes: RSA, RSA-HSM, EC, EC-HSM, oct (listed here ) Exportable is only allowed with RSA, EC.

What is the meaning of Invisible Exports?

goods (visible exports) or services (invisible exports) sold to a foreign country or countries C15: from Latin exportāre to carry away, from portāre to carry

What is an export list?

What is an export list? In the insurance world, an export list is a list of coverages that a state has determined to be very difficult or impossible to obtain in the admitted market. Therefore, the risk can be placed directly in the surplus lines, or non-admitted market, bypassing the diligent effort requirement.

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